quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2008

I was naked.

Today in the bath without water. my body was heavy, my feelings were hurting.
My thoughts were taking bath...there was a lot of reasons to cry, but I didn´t.
I´ve never missed someone that way before.
I´ve never felt the vacuum that way before...
Some things just happen and there is no way to change it.
In the end, all those things go down the drain. Body, thoughts, reasons, feelings, hurt...hopeful...
Coming back to real, the cold needs to freeze my heart...
I don´t wanna live in a dream.
I´ll wear some clothes, protect myself.

sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2008

In the middle of nowhere.

Sometimes you really wanna do the right thing.
Sometimes this is not possible...
I´m lost now.
I don´t know what I should do.
I wanna keep you closer.
I´m trying get the right way.
How can I make you forget all the things that you lived?
How can I make you look at me and see more than friendship?
How can I do our sunset become true?
I´m looking for...if you find, please, tell me.
I will wait. I always do that.